WiFi Tally, preset router


Preset router for use with WiFi Tally lights

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This is a commonly available router on the market that is already preconfigured and ready to use with the WiFi Tally system. The advantage of this set up router is that the user does not need to enter the data required for reliable operation of the WiFi Tally lights.

  • It is also suitable for the user who is a bit distant with concepts such as setting up IP addresses, subnet masks, ssid, etc. and needs to be able to use the device out of the box*.

This router offers exceptional and advanced wireless WiFi performance, but has 4 LAN ports for connecting other devices (1x Atem overhead, 1x PC ...)

*The only setup you need to do in Atem's overhead is to have an IP address of

Weight 148 g
Dimensions 14,2 × 10,2 × 2,3 cm
WiFi trieda

802.11 b/g/n

Frequency band

2.4 GHz

LAN connectors



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