WiFi tally is a wireless light system for live video production. The WiFi Tally system is fully compatible with any Atem video switcher from Blackmagic.

It does not need any additional control unit or running any additional program in the PC.

main features

WiFi Tally Light is 100% IP-based and connects over a standard WiFi network to blackmagic Atem switcher


WiFi Tally lights is the most compact and affordable wireless tally system on the market today

Simply to use

WiFi Tally lights work together and communicate directly to the switcher, there is no separate base station or running program/server on pc

WiFi tally schema

Wireless Tally light

frequently asked questions

You can use as many WiFit tally lights as your setup requires

The WiFi Lights connect over WiFi, so you need a wireless access point connected to the switcher network. Connect each WiFi Light to your computer or smartphone via WiFi to set up network credentials, IP addresses and camera input number.
Attach it to a camera and power it up by connecting it to the provided battery pack or any other USB power supply. It will show a red light for program and a green light for preview.

All you need is a decent wireless access point to set up a stable 2.4Ghz b/g/n WiFi network, connected to your switcher. You also need some powerbank, or a USB power source for each WiFi Light.

The range largely depends on the strength of wireless access point and any physical obstructions present, but is similar to other devices connected to the same network like phones and tablets. If required, the range can easily extended by adding more access points to the network.

Obsah accordionWe wanted the WiFi Lights to be as small and light as possible, without limiting your movement. It also gives you the freedom to select the most optimal power source for your setup. Many camera’s have some form of power output, like a USB port, that can be used to power the WiFi Light.

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    how it all started

    After years of experience in the video field (read: shoot the action, edit and submit to a medium), I started looking for something new, what a teenager would call a new level. That level was starting a new phase of my business, which is multi-camera live video production and live streaming as liveproduction.skAt first quite a nice idea, but after not appreciating all the technology I had sweated, I cooled down a bit. Since I don't collect franchise fees, so I don't have a budget like rtvs, I had to figure a few things out and it worked. Of course, some things just don't get made. You can't make video cameras, tripods, or editing cards from blackmagic, .... buy : ).

    So the equipment was completed, everything was set up and sweaty with stress we gave the first action. Great, but with practice one finds out what everything is still missing to perfection ... Tally lights! However, when you start looking around on the web for different Tally lights and you also have some specific requirements (my requirements : wireless transmission, sufficient range, powered by a power bank, small weight and dimensions), you will either find nothing or prepare yourself a few hundred euros. So we scratched our heads and the WifiTally.eu project was born.

    WiFi Tally wireless light system, Slovakia

    E-mail: info@wifitally.eu

    customer references
    Wifi Tally is an invaluable companion when creating a live stream, every videographer knows exactly when to prepare for a shot and when they are in the frame. The high functionality and reliability of this product makes us happy every time we use it.
    A great solution for anyone who is serious about streaming. Unbeatable price, functionality, correct communication with the seller. I use 6 WiFi Tally lights on my Atem Television HD.